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                OBERON US-Fusion operation navigation system 

                Oberon US - Fusion ultrasonic CT/MR Fusion diagnosis system is the 3 d data input the ultrasound equipment, and display real-time three-dimensional images of ultrasound and CT/MR at the same
                time,  the operator can get real-time and linkage and ensure that the monitor display on ultrasound
                and CT/MR images for the same section when theymove probe to change section of CT/MR
                images. In addition, this product has the powerful function of 3 d image processing and visualization
                functions, strong sense of reality, image reconstruction speed, and simple operation process. The
                clinical application of this technology can make the lesions showed more accurate, diagnosis more
                fully, treatment safer, operation more convenient. The product can complete medical image
                management and visualization, preoperative surgery planning and surgery simulation and so on the
                many kinds of clinical auxiliary function, for minimally invasive tumor involvement, minimally invasive
                biopsy and neurosurgery provides good auxiliary function.


                Features and Advantages

                3D Medical images fast
                process and HD visualization

                Patient information
                integrated management

                Multimode image fusion
                and precision surgery navigation

                Medical images based
                tele-consultation platform 

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