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                Beijing Viicare Medical Co., Ltd is originated from aerospace precise tumor therapy technology and aims at changing the existing intuitive medical model and looks at the future smart medical model.

                About Us

                 Company introduction 

                Beijing Viicare Medical Co., Ltd, originated from the microwave thermal ablation therapy of No. 207 Institute of Academy II, CASIS, was founded in 2006 ……

                 Company introduction 

                Beijing Viicare Medical Co., Ltd, originated from the microwave thermal ablation therapy of No. 207 Institute of Academy II, CASIS, was founded in 2006 ……

                  Enterprise culture 

                Viicare adhere to“truth-seeking, steady, positive” asenterprise culture, we believe in “Honesty, Integrity, Hard-working, Respect”……


                Viicare keeps on stable development during the last decade years and gains honors such as National High-tech Certificate, Zhongguancun High-Tech ……


                Viicare IROOM based on intraoperative data digital navigation operating room, is the result of the modern imaging informationtechnology and the state-of-art minimally invasive tumor therapy, integrates the internationally advanced medical technology of precision medicine, 3d imaging stereo ablation, surgical planning system and 3D printing, etc., and creats the tumor and minimally invasive operating platform coring at the thermal ablation operating robot. Viicare will, backed on the advanced technology, equipment and internet platform, build the intelligent medical networking platform different from the traditional medical mode.

                Viicare Digital Operation Room Solutions-IROOM 



                Rehabilitation consultant 

                Strong expert team provide professional knowledge about tumor therapy and post-surgical rehabilitation and the relevant training service 

                OEM & ODM

                Platform training 

                Viicare intelligent operation platform with flexible
                configurations for different customers 

                Medical Equipment installation and test, Equipment
                Purchasing, Integration, Equipment Debugging,
                Engineer and Doctor Training

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                Beijing Viicare Medical Co., Ltd 

                Room 304B,building 1,zone 1,Xishan Creative Park,Haidian District,Beijing,China





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