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                ABOUT US

                     Beijing Viicare Medical Co., Ltd is originated from aerospace precise tumor therapy technology and aims at changing the existing intuitive medical model and looks at the
                future smart medical model. After years’ of integration of clinical requirement and
                interdisciplinary cutting edge technology, Viicare final created microwave ablation robot centered high-end medical equipment, operation navigation based digital operating
                room integrated platform and tumor ablation data supported smart medical product &
                     Beijing Viicare Medical Co., Ltd, originated from the microwave thermal ablation therapy of No. 207 Institute of Academy II, CASIS, was founded in 2006 and firstly 


                researched developed microwave tumor ablation device and create the time of precision tumor therapy in China. Undergone more than 10 years’ development, Viicare product succeeded in treatment of more than 80,000 cancer patients and the clinical cure rate is international leading; Along with the rapid development of computer-
                aided therapy technology and artificial intelligence, Viicare works together with Tisinghua University and SIASUN (the biggest Chinese robot manufacturing company in China) developed the new generation of tumor therapy robot system which can reduce the pains due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy in large distance and
                contribute to the development of Chinese high-end medical systems, especially artificial intelligent surgical equipment in tumor therapy sector and gain more
                international market. 
                Viicare has built strategic cooperation relationship with many medical universities and university hospitals including Mass Medical International, Stanford University,
                China Medical University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Our company is presently supported by Development Fund of Ministry of Science and Technology and Scientific and Technological Innovation Fund of Ministry of Science and Technology and qualified ISO9001/13485 quality system and gain certificates includes CE, FDA, SFDA and etc. 


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