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                Working theory of Microwave Ablation Device

                IGMA series microwave therapeutic instrument is primarily used for the microwave ablation Interventional therapy of tumor, which utilizes the equipment
                with a frequency of 2450MHZ to cause the destruction of tumor tissues by the molecular vibration. The principle is to utilize the ablation needle inserted
                into the tumor to radiate the microwave energy into the tumor tissues, result in its ohmic heating through the fast rotating of polar molecules and fast
                vibration of ions in the tumor tissues, as soon as the temperature reaches 60℃ or when the temperature is kept at 54℃for three minutes, it will cause the
                irreversible coagulative necrosis of the tumor tissues, followed by being absorbed or the fibrosis to make the tumor treatment. Heat will be produced
                mainly depending on the rotation of dipole molecules. Water molecules are the dipole molecules with unbalanced distribution of charges, the vigorous
                movement and friction of water modules in the microwave oscillation electric field will generate heat to result in the coagulation necrosis of the cells.
                Microwave ablation treatment instrument utilizes a tailored microwave needle to percutaneously puncture into the center region of the tumor through the
                skin, a “mini-microwave” in 1mm size is contained at one point of the microwave needle, which will release the microwave magnetic field to cause the
                surrounding molecules to rotate at a high speed and increase the temperature by the friction of molecules, and cause the coagulation, dehydration and
                necrosis of the tumor tissues to make the intended treatment. 
                On the basis of microwave ablation technique which is well-developed by the former No.207 of The Second Research Institute of CASIC, IGMA series
                microwave ablation system builds in the intelligent control system and the advanced microwave energy source, infuses the Viicare professional 3D
                images-assisted surgery system and the microwave scalpel with the registered international patent, and establishes the tumor ablation system which
                integrates the surgery-assisted instrument and microwave treatment.

                Advantages over RF ablation:

                IGMA series microwave ablation therapeutic instrument incorporates the temperature feedback system which can feedback the temperature of needle tip and needle handle to the controller in real time and display such temperature data in the HMI, the controller enables the
                temperature control by intelligently regulating the temperature control system. 

                Viicare Microwave Ablation Devices-IGMA series

                Features and Advantages: 

                Feedback temperature control system:

                Less ablation time needed:  

                For IGMA series microwave ablation therapeutic instrument, the single ablation time of PMCT is usually within 5-20 min with short treatment
                time and high curative effect, which supports local anesthesia or general anesthesia and inactivate the tumor with single focus ≤5cm in one
                time. One treatment only takes about 15 minutes.

                A wide range of application scenarios: 

                IGMA series microwave ablation therapeutic instrument has a wide range of clinical applications such as liver cancer, lung cancer, breast
                cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, bone cancer, uterine fibroids and other solid tumors; furthermore, it can be combined with other
                treatments such as transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) to facilitate the effective control on microwave ablation of the tumor and
                expand its indications. 

                Intelligent pre-operative planning and operation simulation: 

                a) Intelligent pre-operative plan helps doctor on accurate lesion measurement, simulate the operation effect;
                b) Surgical planning based on patients with real 3D image, strong sense of reality, intuitive and easy to operate;
                c) Pre-operative plan provide treatment parameters and microwave ablation simulation;
                d) Lesion position, size, characteristics of ultrasound, image, blood supply situation and adjacent to the relationship;
                e) Accurate puncture through ultrasound guidance


                Combines medical imaging tele-consultation platform: 

                the ablation device can upload treatment data and work out the best operation plan through big data analyzing

                Liver tumor ablation

                Lung cancer

                Uterine fibroids 

                Bone tumor

                Kidney tumor

                Pancreas tumor

                Technical parameters:

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