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                Microwave Tumor Ablation Robot

                Smart ablation zone calculation, accurate puncture location

                       Artificial intelligence is the highest stage in the development of digital clinical therapy. The medical robot technology is a new aspect that integrates the sciences of medicine, biomechanics, mechanics, mechanics of machinery, materials, computer vision, mathematical analysis and robot and becomes an
                international study hotspot in the high-tech field. At present the advanced robot technology has widely used in such aspects as surgical planning and simul-ation, minimally invasive accurate positioning, non-destructive diagnostics and detection and medical treatment with new surgery, etc. The development
                of robot technology will usher the modern medicine to the precision medicine from the intuitive one.

                New motivation of artificial intelligence: Big data + Deep Study

                      Viicare MWA team, started from the No. 207 Institute, Academy II, CASIC, always adheres to develop the image-guided minimally invasive surgery technology and has brought the curing hopes to more than 80,000 patients and successfully improved the survival rate and quality of cancer patients to a new level through 20 years’ profound research and clinical practice, and it unique intelligent equipment and data platfo-rm cogently assists hospitals to enhance their clinical capacity of curing patients.

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