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                Operation Navigation System-CANIS 

                CAINS-I surgical navigation system is a high-precision surgical navigation product that is tailored for the actual
                needs of clinical practices, this product based on the multi-modal images in clinical medicine can automatically
                identify the human tissues and organs and reconstruct the accurate 3D model of human body, and track the
                surgical tools aided by the high-precision optical localization and electromagnetic localization device, thereby
                enabling the accurately guided surgery. This product series enable the management and visualization of
                medical images, pre-operative planning and surgery simulation, intraoperative real-time guided surgery and
                postoperative evaluation and other clinical assistive functions. Compared to the traditional surgical navigation
                product, this product series integrated with the world’s leading image automatic registration, respiratory
                monitoring and Google Glass will benefit the medical practitioners for its utmost simplified operativeprocedures and excellent clinical experience. 


                Features and Advantages

                Multi-mode image fusion and
                precise surgery navigation 

                Intelligent pre-operative planning
                and simulation 

                Fast 3D images processing
                and HD visualization 

                Integrated management of
                patient information

                Postoperative evaluation
                and operation report

                Medical images based
                tele-consultation platform

                Advanced human-computer
                interaction interface

                Support kinds of operation
                and clinical using

                Technical parameters: 

                Track 8 medical devices simultaneously, gain 6 free-degree surgical instruments’ information;

                Effective area of magnetic generator: 500 mm * 500mm * 500mm;

                Max data acquisition speed: 115kBaud;

                Available for electromagnetic tracking measurement, no occlusion effect 

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